Please test the transmission! Custom postcard app by Glide&GAS

This is a test version of a custom postcard creation app that uses Glide.
You will receive an email with the custom postcard you created.
Please try it if you like.

★ Please use the square image.
★ Please use a size of 1000 x 1000px or less.

↓ The finished product looks like this.


I did a test but no email in return? !!

It seems that it is not generated well due to the difference in time zone.
I’ll fix it a little.
I’m sorry. Please stop the verification temporarily.
Thank you for the Manu, Julien and Daniel tests and we’ll let you know when we’re ready.

A yes I received after at least 15 minutes.
It’s pretty :slight_smile:

Thank you @Manu.n
Would you please upload the image if you can?

??? the rendering of the received pdf ??

PDF → JPG / PNG is fine.


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I am curious about the method used, I imagine you have used a Script under Google Sheet?

Yes, use Glide as a form to send the data to a spreadsheet.
Then, GAS will generate a PDF and send it by email.
This time, it was sorted by the date and time of transmission, and it was triggered by the latest one.
However, an error occurred due to the difference in your time zone.
I would like to fix that part a little.

By the way, the text above the photo is from Asakusa, Tokyo.
We envision a system that can be used in tourist areas.

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Ah yes I am in France so in UTC + 1 and you obviously in UTC + 9.
Always ahead of us :slight_smile:

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Made modifications to the first version.
↓ The type has been changed to a vertical postcard.

Those who have tried this app!
Please upload a screenshot of the completed PDF.

@hisashi.fujita get control of your app. It keeps sending email again and again

I’m sorry.
Please tell me in detail what kind of condition it is.

Your app has sent the same mail 6 times. Probably every time your google sheet is updated

Thank you for teaching me.
I will investigate.

Please test the transmission.

★ Please use the square image.
★ Please use a size of 1000 x 1000px or less.
★ If you like, please upload the capture of the finished product.

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