Showcase - DigiBiz - Your digital business card

Hi all,

Super excided to share with you my new platform called DigiBiz which allow the creation of digital business card easily and super user freindly.

the system is completly automated and when finishing creating the digital business card is creates a branded unique link, creates “add to contact” button and send all leads directly to the card’s owner email.

The system is almost ready for launch and I would love to get your fidback both positive and more inportantly negative.


nice work… love the language switcher…

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This is great. I like it. Good luck.

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you can add a QR code to automatically add info to contacts and email pdf cards for printing… i made a sample for you: vCARD LINK

Screen Shot 2021-06-22 at 4.37.41 PM

QR is dynamically changing while you editing info.


Do you use Cloudinary for your qr code ?

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no, google link… … modified by template

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Would you mind telling me how did you managed to add the qr code on the main image ?

i used a template column to adjust link parameters


If you use Rebrandly for your deep link, it automatically gives you a QR code that you can download and then upload. Not sure if the QR code changes if you change the redirect link as it still points to the same rebrandly link…

That what my sample is doing… creating a dynamic QR image , that when you scan it with your phone, it will add all info to your contacts, also it will send you a PDF business card sample ready to print… if you add real email

It’s an imaged based on a function in the sheet similar to what shown below

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Looks very cool.
You’re doing the PDF with script or automation tool

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Script PDF.

I thought so, I’m no good in scripting. I use integromat for those things