Business Time Picker & QR vCard

Introducing the new, improved time picker!

In this version, you have full control over the buttons, adjusting hours and minutes separately for opening and closing time.

  1. the app is checking if open time is before closing time and will give you a warning.
  2. AM/PM to 24h mode switch.
  3. next day closing indicator for business operating after midnight the next day.
  4. easy switch buttons to mark a business as all-day OPEN or all-day CLOSED.
  5. adjust minutes increment for foster or precise minutes adjustment.
  6. add block-out days to the calendar.
  7. instant check if the business is open now based on the current date and time, blackout days, and set system to block orders, appointments, etc

Dynamic QR generator info (name, address, phone, email, website, and open hours) for easy adding to phone contacts.

please test it and let me know if any bugs or room for improvement, Thank You.



Nice app!

  1. The URL: maybe you did this on purpose, but if not, it’s “business”.
  2. I played around a little, the features in “Settings” are nice! The UI could be possibly be improved, it wasn’t always clear to me where to bring my attention and what to do.
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Thank you for your comments, can you specifically what do you mean “business” ?

I created this app as a starter, to build various systems that depend on checking if costumer is using some features between operating hours, like food orders, scheduling appointments, live meetings…
found the typo in URL… tnx!

Current URL:

Maybe you meant it this way?

I corrected the URL address, this is the NEW LINK

This is a great App starter, like always great job @Uzo !

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Thank you, do you see bugs or room for improvement?

this is exactly what I’am looking for! Can I buy this template?

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