⏲ Personal Time Card, PDF export

Track your working hours. Export as PDF files

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Simply click the clock in switch, the timer will start.

When finished working click it again to stop the timer.

That will create a record that you can access and edit.

By clicking the time card image, you can edit the info of this record, like location, rate per hour, add notes and tips.


To access your records, click the BOOK button, this will take you to a new screen where you can sort your data by weeks, months, and years.
Get the summary of time and earned amount.
To edit any record, click on it, and a new screen with all information will appear.
To mark the record as paid, simply add the paid date.
Click the EMAIL button after sorting, the new screen with prefilled entries will appear.
Adjust fields if need it, click send button, and an email with a PDF attachment of sorted records will be sent to the provided email address.

Available in Templates Market

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WOW! Looks amazing.

What are you using to generate the PDF’S?

Great app by the way

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thank you… it is a triggered google script

okay thanks

Did you get an email with pdf files? Let me know.

Really cool how you styled that switch button… care to share how you did that?

it is an inline list with 2 images of the button… on and off

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an inline list modified to look like a switch but is an inline list? wow…that is a trick…

I would like to talk to you about a dashboard app project…

ok… email me at

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Good evening @Uzo and All,

I’m trying to do the same like you do, But in order to export PDF using Apps Script,
Do you know how to have a page break?
I know, we can do it if we export the PDF manually.
But with using Apps Script, is there any ways to do so ?

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