Created an report by day

hi i would like to create an day report automaticly.thanks sorry for my english

What do you want to include in that report?

I created thé intervention card and i would like to resume of the all card per day.thanks

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Should it be for each specific user? What type of “report” do you want? Should it be a PDF file?

Is your data stored in Google Sheets, Glide Tables or something else?

hi i want the report with the informations and picture like powerpoint for exemple

My google store is google sheet

and one report by month if possible.tgank

My recommendation is:

  • Build a HTML template of your report, either in Google Docs or PDFMonkey.
  • Everyday, run a Script/Zapier/Make scenario to get the right data out for the report.
  • Fill that data to the report template, generate it, then do whatever you need to do next with it (send it to your own email/someone else, upload it to your Drive and update the link back to the Sheet, etc)
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Hi,please can you explain me how do i?i m novice.thanks