Generate an End of Day Report

Hello amazing Glide App community.

So far you have been amazing with questions I have had, so, here’s a good one:

My users enter data into my app - how do I generate an end of day report for each user?

Inside the app. So they can see what they have done during the day.

Just create another sheet that filters the data for the other sheet but uses the NOW() function. Do a Google search on how to handle dates in Filters or something similar to that. You would include the users email as part of the data then in the Build set that switch to only show the data for the logged in user. That is of course if you don’t what the users to see of what the others have accomplished.

Thanks buddy. Ill give that a shot. And yeah i don’t want the users to see each others and then I’ll add a function to my Admin panel to see all of them by selecting the user name