PWA > Native apps?

There are many reasons which make me prefer PWAs over native apps but I want to understand what others think. I think most Glide developers must be facing this question from their clients. Would love to hear the answers people give.


Hello @Manan_Mehta

imho: Availability & Accessibility for all users, regardless of their device.

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In my Glide’s Course website, and also in my business website I have this part saying:



  • 40h Weekly Hours - According to data obtained through this research, the average time dedicated to cell phones reaches 30 to 40 hours per week and connections from smartphones had an increase of 6.20% in 2019, compared to 2018.

  • 33 Trillions of Reais (US$ 6 tri) - What would smartphones be without apps? This is an absolute and well-known truth that, when transformed into numbers, results in an industry that is expected to generate US $ 6.3 trillion by 2021 worldwide.

  • 15x Faster - With PWA apps, sites load 15 times faster, decrease cell phone storage consumption by about 25 times and have an average 52% increase in conversions, according to James Fuller’s The Future of Mobile study.


PWAs make so much more sense now! :joy: