Can native apps go extinct? / Dawn of the PWA!

Ever since coming across Glide, I’ve been noticing a lot of “Add to homescreen” option when I go to a website. So, this cuts the store costs and download time and storage and far more simpler in every way?? But can PWA handle complex apps though? Can the future be PWA?

edit - by being the simple, easy to start and use, no-code pwa tool, Glide might’ve hit the jackpot!

I’m no app specialist, but it seems to me that between a website and an app, discovery and adoption might have bigger hurdles if going the native app route: getting accepted into an app store, being discovered, then downloaded. For every step of the journey, one might expect conversion rates.

Nobody knows the future, but to leverage the speed of the internet and the usability of an app, PWA (progressive web apps) might indeed be the way to go 🤷🏻🙂


Can’t recall exactly where, but I’ve read on a very trusted ressource that the future of native apps (or apps you download from the stores) is definitely about to be PWA’s apps only !


I don’t think so, because native apps are more secure.

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Trusted resource?? wow, that’s big!

Not exactly the source I was referring to but this article is quite interesting :

Also, if you search : Will PWA replace native apps? on Google, there’s quite a lot of interesting informations !!


My thoughts about it - being clear I’m into this area till I start to dev with glide and study the market after it.

  • Most of the apps will be PWA in a near future, as well as 90-95% of the entire market. It also covers what @david calls them Dark Apps - known to us as Work Apps.

What about the rest of 5-10%? :thinking:

  • The rest I guess we will keep with native apps for more complex apps like: Games in general, and some feature the PWA technology (& Apple) doesn’t have/allow us to do.

:thought_balloon: The vast majority of the world has a cell phone and/or a laptop. But that doesn’t stop companies or people who still have landlines and desktop computers.


Agreed near future for b2b is PWA! the “add to homescreen” option might just wipe out native apps and bring a new era of PWA b2c applications too I think

Will indeed check them out! Can native apps go extinct? - #8 by Sharath_S