Ppl in my region they don’t understand it’s app until they download it from App Store!


Thanks for the creative and amazing solutions you provide in gladsappa.com. I think you are doing great job in app development.

I have really critical issue with having the app on App Store and google play. J am developing service app in your platform, the issue is that ppl in my region they don’t consider it app until they see it in App Store!!!

Having a link to your app is nice, but not considering have it in App Store or google play is really killing your app concept.

What is the solution you can provide! And I am so excited to continue with to solve this matter.


There is an ‘app store’ feature request in https://features.staging.glideapp.io/. You are welcome to vote for the feature. I’m sure some day will will become an option, but for now I don’t think it’s a high priority. I can understand that many people are used to getting apps from an app store, but I think we will see more and more progressive web apps in the future. In some cases, they are much easier to manage, update, and install. Safari and Chrome let you install the app to the home screen, which lets the app function like any other app without having to open the browser to visit a link. I like it because I can run it on any device instead of just apple or android devices.

Like I said, I understand the desire to have the app in an app store…especially when you have a lot of users to support. There are advantages and disadvantages.

These are a few articles of big companies pushing to make their apps available as progressive web apps. I think they are pushing for more of a desktop experience, but it just show that this is a direction that even large companies are going.


FWIW i was really stoked to see how easy it was for my clients to install an app i made the other day. was worried they would find it difficult.


Dear Jeff, thanks for being involved in this post and sharing your ideas. Wish you a great day :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello, I am using the Basic version and I am concerned that Android users (not all) do not get a window to install the apps. Why?

Are they using chrome? Or a different browser?


This window appears on Iphone but not on Android.

The behavior is slightly different on android. There is a snack bar at the bottom of the screen. It’s less noticeable but in fact more functional. You just need to tap on it to install an app.
From what i’ve found that snack bar appears only when user try to interact with your app opened in chrome, for example tap anywhere on the screen.