Installing Apps need Offline features?

My app’s URL:

I’ve recently had a ton of customer complaints on the install process and how it’s crazy difficult.

I read an article that Google is going to stop showing the install buttons if there are no offline features?

Is this why I’m fielding 5+ support tickets a day that they can’t get the app installed?

Sorry, what steps specifically are they referring to? Add to Home Screen? Sign in? Is this Android-specific?

Thanks for supplying that article @TGensler

Definitely good to know!

First time they open that app there’s a big message saying “do you wanna add … to your home screen?” That’s hard to miss I think…press accept and it’s done. Way easier than going to Apple Store or Google play


But do you want every app to your homescreen the first time you open an app? I first want to try it and when I like it I want that. In my experience all is good on iPhone with Safari but not so much with Chrome.

From what I’m hearing the main issues are Apple and Desktop.
I don’t think I have had a single issue with an android user.

And in my instructions I have it bolded that they have to use Safari in Apple devices but it seems they gloss right over that part.

As for desktop I feel like the main thing is people log in thinking they are installing and do not understand what is going on as I don’t think there is a pop up for desktop users.

But the main reason for the OP was to see if there has been an uptick due to Google wanting offline modes?

I was trying to figure out how to install an APK on the playstore for the PWA and saw somewhere else they want an offline mode. So I assume this is going to become more common.