Why not share to App Store?

Hi all. Just curious for the reason Why GlideApps haven’t added export/upload/add to Play Store or Apple Store? Seems like the obvious thing to do. I would be curious to know the business and technical reasons for why it would be a bad thing to provide this service? Seems like a super obvious feature to an outsider. Using third party services like Nativator, Swift etc seems like a workaround and not a well thought out process. Keen to learn more.

It is a web app… why bother App Store? You can sell your app much faster, without any headache involved with Play Store or Apple Store

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Hi Uzo, thank you for your response. Difference between device type, mobile or web, doesn’t really matter anymore and its reflected in Glides newest updates. What would you suggest instead of the two main App Stores?

Create your own App Store… set up the payment integration… and be free of charges from third-party platforms…

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Hi Uzo. Ok true thank you for sending the link example. While its cheaper to have your own store, which is what I’m already doing, the advantage the App Stores provide is their user base as well as ease of install for users on mobile devices. Nativator and others just provide a Wrapper, so you can still do updates as needed.

You will get lost in millions of Apps there… no one will ever find your app… when you have your own… is up to you how you advertize and manage it…

Hi Uzo thank you for your perspective. Question is really about Why GlideApps haven’t done it. If there’s anyone from Glide that could give an answer would be appreciated.

They did… but it is not a good business anymore…

There are actually solid advantages to being able to publish glideapps in Android/iOs stores especially if you have a customer or user base who are looking for an easy way to install the app. I have an app which is publicised across Instagram with several thousand followers and even though instructions have been provided in detail on how to install app on phones people really struggle. Even when on phone, getting them to find the blue share button, it’s a real nightmare.

Having said that people have managed to get their apps in stores - we managed to get it on Android but we’ve been rejected again and again over several months with Apple.

Even if we were to ever get it in, the reality is that getting apps in the app stores is highly unreliable and there are too many unknowns with both providers. There are constant new requirements that are expected to be adhered to, there are very specific conditions that need to be met and this brings a huuuuuuuuuuuuggeeeeee amount of risk to any business relying on being listed on these stores. Even on the most basic of things example:

  • any visual changes to apps require immediate updates to store listing screenshots
  • if Apple gets a slight inkling that your app is not “EXCLUSIVE” to their store, it will get removed - there cannot be any references to Android whatsoever or login by google UNLESS you offer a login to Apple which is not supported by Glide.

My suggestion would be to stand clear of app stores!!! Glide continues to make huge improvements constantly, keeping up to date with changes in technology and customers are able to be nimble. Starting in iOS 16.4, web apps saved to the home screen can now use push notifications which is a potential huge game changer as Glide did not previously offer this feature natively.

If you are using Glide for business purposes especially you really need to put some thought behind how you can get users to easily add apps on their phones. The increased use of Progressive Web Apps across the digital landscape will get users alot more accustomed to downloading these apps on their phones and honestly speaking it’s refreshing to see businesses being able to deploy solutions without being held hostage by the two big app store goliaths.


That is precisely my point…

Great points! I agree. Uzo is right also. Reality right now though is that App stores are the main place for the majority of users to access and download apps. Also the main security concern of using a self managed App store is it isn’t perceived by the public as safe, whereas the apps stores are. If you are downloading an app from a website it raises questions and could lower the success rate of users downloading because it’s not from an app store. The ease of use and the process people are used to is going to the respective apps stores to get an app. The future of app access is changing which is why I agree with your points but it’s not what’s current.

But my question is still why Glide hasn’t provided the integration with App stores?
From history it seems Glide did at one point offer this but doesn’t any longer. Was it too expensive for users, or Glide? Security concerns?
Cost is only one factor and wouldn’t deter someone like me.

I realise Glide is trying to focus on the Internal business app market but the fact that NoCode app building platforms are being used more and more to build and deploy apps to the public shows the need is there and very real.

Really appreciated everyone’s perspectives and for this community :slight_smile:

My perspective is firstly, it is a thing that costs their time a lot, someone from their team has to come and work directly with you to make sure when it’s uploaded to the store, it works with any changes you make in the builder, plus other things to meet their criteria.

And another point is I think it’s not the direction Glide wants to go with anymore, partly related to the part where they want to focus on dark apps, not customer-facing apps.

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Yeah fair point.
I was thinking two features that would make Glide incredible that relate to the app stores.

  1. Nativator integration.
  2. Schedule updates.

Basically have Nativator as an integration same as Google cloud and others.

We can currently auto-update or manual update. Third option to schedule updates would be great. I’ll add it this feature to the feature request section.