My App is on the Appstore without third parties!

Everyone always talks about how there is not a single way to get a Glideapp into an offical Appstore without going through a third party. Because Glide makes PWA apps, you can go to the Amazon Developer Dashboard, sign up with your account, and upload your Glideapp free and easily to be published on Amazon. Then when people look up the name on Amazon, it pops up for them. This is a new and easy way to publish your apps without going through third parties. You can even charge for your app, add in-app purchases, design your developer profile and more all without paying a penny. It is the quickest way to publish (in my opinion, and I’ve tested a whole lot of so called “Glideapp Publishers” and even unoffical appstores). You even get free data on how your app’s preforming and how it’s installed. ALL FOR FREE. It’s amazing. Everybody HAS to try this. My app, FarmlyNC, was completly in the background, and now people can get it without going through the link.
Another perk is that it helps whitelabel it for free. Amazon says it’ll take two or less days to get deployed. When it’s time, you can look it up on and it’ll pop up! This is something EVERYBODY with the app deployment problem NEEDS to try.


This is a nice use case and surely will prove valuable to those who want to distribute their Glide applications via Amazon.

That being said:

Glide applications are meant to be custom software internal to businesses. When a business needs to distribute an app to their employees or partners, I’m not convinced it makes sense to send them to an app store or to Amazon. Instead, why not simply send them a link (URL or QR code)? As an analogy, if a business published an internal paper manual, instead of looking for a publishing house and distributing the manual in Barnes & Nobles, the business might as well print out the manual and put it on everyone’s desk directly.


But let’s say you are not using it for a business. Let’s say it IS your business. What if you had an app you called “LookIn” that lets you see parks in your area? Even if this app was run by a business, where would the public look for a so-called “App” first? An appstore! They might find your link after a while, but you might be losing customers! If you put it in an appstore the link would still work, right? I feel like this is a great way to get more customers without minimizing anything. The company could send them the link AND a button that has links to appstores. This could be one step forward to getting Glideapps into the appstore. Amazon also sends you APK files of your app with NO extra ads, which you can use in Google Play.

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Glide apps are really meant to be internal custom software for existing, established businesses. Not be the software that might allow a project to become a business.

Most of strengths and limitations of Glide support this.

I have to disagree :wink:
Glide is a fantastic tool for quickly doing anything you want (especially classic apps).
With a little bit of time and creativity… there are no limits to it. I think I have proven that multiple times.
I love the idea for Amazon exposure… that will give the extra kick to search engines.

Saying that Glide is not meant for business is like saying that a minivan is not good for business… that is better if you buy a truck… I prefer to have a minivan and make an extra trip once in a while than deal with a big, uncomfortable, expensive truck… Unless my business has become so big that I have no choice but to buy a truck… I’ll stick to my comfy minivan… take out the seats if I have to… and run as much as I can :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Can you share a link more specific than for this remarkable service?

Sounds like this might be Amazon’s web app submissions for Fire TV?

Yes, sure! Here is my listing on amazon.

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You can submit to any amazon device, and it also lets you download an Amazon made APK file you can post to Google Play

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This is awesome @Collin_Stedham, I’ve gotta try it for myself!

when you say app store, not apple appstore right?

Did everyone miss the part about “free white-labelling”?
Surely this can’t be encouraged or endorsed by Glide as it eats into their revenue stream, unless I missed something about what this all means in terms of the bigger picture :hugs:…

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It’s Amazon Appstore, not Apple.

this could help my app gain some visibility, and a published Amazon product would look pretty good on my college application :wink:

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I agree, that would look good.

Thanks for sharing this @Collin_Stedham . Does the app still sync seamlessly on users devices when you edit it?

100% yes. You don’t have to publish it ever again unless you have appstore interface updates! See this topic.

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this is great Collin! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I did it @Collin_Stedham .
This is really good because previously I was unable to install my glide app to my Amazon Fire home screen. I tried all the workflows I knew and at best, I was only able to download a non-functioning version (I couldn’t click on anything - it looked like just an image). So on my amazon device I could only use the app from the link (which I had bookmarked on chrome).

Last night, after publishing it with amazon, I was able to send the app to my device and download it directly from the app store. So it’s finally on my home screen.

Do you have to request this?

No. It comes automatically in the debug file. Just click download apk in the test section.

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