Can glide ever be a non pwa?

Not that I have a problem with glide not being in playstore and appstore but the real issue is the feel of the app when you click and scroll, it is very poor, slow when compared to a native app and I’m slightly afraid that it might pushback a lot of users. For example, twitter lite is a pwa and the experience is below par when compared to the native app. Is there any solution to this or am I in the wrong place by using glide if you want to release the business and go mainstream?( should this only be a secondary option to a native app or just used for prototyping?)

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Well, you might consider to meet some other platform to help you with that. Kodular, Thunkable, Adalo

Completely disagree in my opinion. I have a bunch of some complexe apps and never felt as you telling there…

And of course it depends what your purpose creating apps with glide


Can you give us more details about the device and operating system you’re using?

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@Sharath_S Btw, Adalo is very customizable and you could publish to both apps stores! :slight_smile:

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That’s not my experience. I find Glide apps much more responsive and “snappier” than most native apps.
Do you have any specific examples? I’d be curious to see.


Interesting comments @Sharath_S but certainly doesn’t reflect my experience. We have lots of apps in the wild, some of which are really quite complex, and our users love the experience. We literally have zero complaints aside from a few minor UI glitches. I wonder if you could show us the app that you’re having issues with?


Ha @Darren_Murphy - I think we replied at the same time!

Great minds, etc! :rofl:

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I quite like Adalo, however (again in my experience) there are at least two areas where Glide is superior. Firstly, it is SO much easier to create a modern, fresh looking app. Secondly Glide’s data manipulation capabilities are extremely powerful. I find that I can address a much wider range of user scenarios. As an aside, this forum and the available guidance is also second to none. I guess it comes down to personal preference and the type of solutions you’re trying to build.


“Mildly hungover” mind in my particular instance this morning …

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Don’t want to derail the topic here but I totally echo your thoughts @V88 - I just hopped onto Adalo for few days after I had done quite a bit of work on my POC app for what am building on Glide. The first experience was that the community - don’t want to be biased but I guess we have a very good, knowledgeable, and helpful community here in Glide and that I felt was a big miss there. Secondly, data manipulation as you said is def a big difference. They have diff options but for what I was doing I felt those options missing there. Last but not least - some basic features were missing ( things related to location and maps ) which was a big letdown. For sure it will have lot of good features ( including but not limited to the ability to push to play store or app store etc ) but again its pricey as well.

but back to the point where - I think for what I am trying here on Glide i never had an issue with it being a PWA. It’s not having too much data or images “YET” but I feel am in safe hands.

What I def miss is a Pull to Refresh available on native apps.



Excellent, thanks for the video! Got a lot of valuable info. First time even gave a thought about glide’s vision, made a lot of sense!
As for the app, could you share me your apps ill use it on my phone and compare with mine, i’ll send mine too! (though not finished)

Its HTC wildfire x( not the old one) and the latest android version

No, that’s actually not my concern at all. Plus, there are ways to release glide in appstores apparently , the feel of a pwa is not quite at the level of a native app, hopefully i’m wrong though

That’s great to hear! Sure can i mail you the link?

Sure, can I mail ? and could you share your apps too?

How about Action feature in adalo?