Mobile App Launch Strategy - When do you graduate from Glide?

Hi Everyone!

I’m new to Glide, and I have to say it’s awesome! It let me take an idea and create a functioning app in ONE WEEK. Yes, I have to rely on Integromat and other things to populate data, but that’s totally fine. Overall it’s super cool and easy to use.

I tried searching the forum to figure my Question: At what point do you decide to build a real app?

Although the app I built works, DATA is going to be the real differentiator for my app. Search analytics, User Reviews, etc Yes I can plugin Google Analytics, but need a little more. Offline, Push Notifications, are going to be important as well.

Also, the more time I invest in Glide, the longer I delay launching a real React Native app. Spending $2-5k to get a real PWA app is not an issue right now, just trying to figure WHEN do that?

It seems MVP is kinda dead, and it should be MDP (Minimum Desirable Product). Still learning though. I know there IS a need for my app from surveys I’ve done and people asking. Also there is a huge conference coming up that would be awesome to launch on.

So I’d like to know from others here who’ve walked this actual path…

  • When did you start building your own PWA or native app to publish to the store? When did you decide to stop investing time in Glide and more into a native app?
  • How did you migrate your users from Glide to a real app?

I need a launch strategy.


I think it depends on your customer demographic and size as well as when your need for complexity if it outgrows the speed at which Glide develops new capabilities that match your critical needs. Can you share some detail around who your customers will be and how many users you expect in years 1-5? Will it be b2b or one user community? I agree with others in this community that Glide is extremely powerful and scalable!

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I think there’s another differentiator in terms of how you plan to go to market. Glide is SO effective that I am developing apps now to fit a specific customer’s precise requirements and (generally) Glide has all the functionality required. However, if I was creating an app for a sector, that would be the same across all customers, then I think I would still probably go native. In short Glide has allowed me access to a new market that I used to call “bespoke”. Hope this helps and good luck.


Personally ive used glide for 3 years
and i used it to build many astonishing apps.
You can Upload your Glide app (pwa) to an app store such as play store by converting it into a trusted web activity.And it udates automatically if u update th apk.
I do this to all my apps.


Glide was launched on Feb 12, 2019. How can you have 3 years with it?


i just wanted to ask that too

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Its hard to come up with a one size fits all solutions re a strategy to pick. Its mostly subjective.

We’ve have used Glide to build a quick prototype to show our customers to communicate concepts rather than building mockups. Once we completed that step we went on to custom PWA with our own backend.

Even when we used glide, we built our data model on our own backend and then wrote to sheets so we can run the demo.

Lastly, the future is PWA and not apps(for a lot of reasons why glide and no-code platforms are making a headway), so pick the right platform and you will be set.

Hope this helps.


This makes sense, thanks @jotika. I think seeing the GlideApp as a prototype, vs an MVP/MDP will help make it less stressful. Thanks!

@Deena This is a consumer app that is designed to consolidate/centralize media from various sources making it easier to find information.

Thanks everyone for your responses. If you have any stories about your transition, or lessons learned from it, please do share.

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Some more follow up questions for the group…

  • What metrics should we use to decide to drop $$ in building an app?

  • Should we do user validation with the prototype?

Have related question based on the starting thread… Have anyone tried to convert the glide app to trusted web activity… Where/how can we upload assetlinks.json file… without TWA, we use url bar in our glideapp…

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