I published my Glide mobile app on Playstore, but after I login I am sent to the web browser, and the app is opened there

I used the service of Nativator.io to convert the Glie app to a ABB and APK files.
I uploaded them via Google Console, and now I am testing the version of my app on Play Store.

After installation, I see the app on my phone device, and then, after I login, I am automatically sent to the web browser version of the app.
So in other words - it seems like there is no really a native-app behind the scenes - is it true?

Could someone enlighten me about this topic a bit more please?
How is the process of converting the PWA of Glide into a “Mobile-App” done?

Kind regards,
Liran Neta

Obviously I can’t speak for Nativator and their technology, but people have talked about things like “wrapping” a PWA inside a native app frame to make it look like a native app, but still a PWA under the hood. That may cause issues later when the stores find out that you’re doing a workaround instead of making it truly native.

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