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For those of you whose customers still absolutely want to see their apps in Apple or Google Stores, you should reconsider from business impact and technical maintenability POV.

Many successful companies are migrating their responsive web sites as well as apps to PWA.

An hybrid high performance form created, well, by Google…

We’re lucky to have Glide, that happens to be a platform for PWA dev, so it’s part of a high level strategy to boost its advantages from every possible POV.

You can be the best skilled Glider, it may often not be enough to talk sense to users/customers. Except from the business impact. And high compatibility.
To earn or to spare money, time and offer more serenity to all stakeholders.
To show value and care.
In the long run.

BTW I don’t work or am affiliated in any kind to netmaxims. I just happened to have used this article lately for my student project.


This is true for my home country’s market. Usually the first question I face when talking to them is exactly this.


“Earn Money/Reputation Fast” is still the “Survival Instinct” of any Human Being who wants to prove his/her Value in Life.
Sometimes it’s even really “Desperate”. And customers can project their hopes and dispair on you to save their Lives. And count on you to get them their success.
Must be such a pressure on your shoulders, mind and heart.
But it’s everybody’s interest to respect each other, to think of a bigger picture, where everybody wins. At the cost of nobody.
At least I want to build that kind of Product.
I don’t want the “CTA-trap” mindset.
I want to align Customer Life with Product Life Cycle and Value.
Even though there still no “metrics” to assess the achievements.
As far as the outcome is genuine and close to natural human deep aspirations.

I love this quote from dear old “Albert” :relaxed:images

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Super agreed!