Push notifications don't run with Meraki MDM restriction

Hi there!
I have designed an app with push notifications integration and runs ok. The iPads of my students are enrolled in Meraki MDM and they have installed a profile with a white list of permitted apps in their devices. When we use the Glide app in the iPads, the notifications don’t run because the Glide app webclip is not considered like an app. Can anybody give me a solution for this issue?

Interesting. I work in K12 and have used Meraki before. Currently using jamf to manage my devices. What version iOS? Is the Glide app (webclip) you’re pushing out set to be installed as “full screen”? If so, do they appear in settings?

Hi Robert!
Thank you for you answer. The iPads have the 17.2 iOS version. I have tried installing the webclip from Meraki as “full screen” and as normal screen. When I write a comment, the prompt for activing the notifications appears but later, when I look for the app in notification settings, it doesn’t appear.
I think that the Glide app is a web page so Meraki doesn`t consider it as an app. When you create a white list of apps in Meraki, you must write the app ID Ex. (
com.google.Classroom) to be inserted in the list and be visible in the students’ iPads.
I can use email notifications, of course, but I prefer push because students receive a lot of emails everyday from Google Classroom, etc. and they don’t read all of them.
If you have any idea to solve this issue it will be amazing.
Thanks a lot!

Strange…it popped up for me. I have a Glide app that is pushed out as a fullscreen webclip. I have a button in the app that prompts to allow push notifications. When I accept, the Glide app appears in my list of apps in Settings. The iPad will see this as an app as long as it has iOS 16.4.2 or greater.

Yes. I understand. But Have you tried it using a profile defining a whitelist of apps in Meraki? That’s our scenery. And with this Meraki profile installed, the Glide App does not appear in the iPad settings. Anybody has an experience with this?