Push Notifications on IOS 16.4 not working

I am new with Glide Apps, and so far it works perfectly. I know Apple launched the IOS 16.4 which was going to allow PWA push notifications. I have done the integration to my glide app and have tested it out with only Android devices receiving the notification. Now all Iphones I have tested have the updated IOS, The glide app on the screen, it even shows up on the app list and shows the enabled notifications which I added a button on the app itself to allow when the individual clicks on it. But there still no push notification on the Iphones. Am I missing something. I even went into the experimental settings and enabled notifications that way for safari. Anyone having similar problems? or do I have to be patient and wait for Glideapps or Apple to figure things out on the next update?

Ramo, I am not entirely sure how you built your app, Robert Petito, a great Glide Expert, has uploaded an Youtube video on how to set it up.

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Thank you,

yes, I followed his steps when I first set it up. It was great help. The Push Notification works great on Android devices but does not on IPhones IOS 16.4. With the new update Apple does show the app on the app lists on the settings and it shows notification enabled, but when I send out a notification Iphones do not get them; only androids. Exactly what Mr. Petito did to set up his notifications is exactly what I have done. I was wondering if people have already tried this on their iphones and are getting working push notifications on their iphone. My app does not require a sign in; actual the users will not be signing in at all. IT doesn’t collect data as is more informational based, the notifications is to notify the users of upcoming dates, news, and products that are usually time sensitive and a push notification will be ideal to alert on that information. I have not launch the app until I can figure out this particular fucntion. Again it works great on Android Devices.

All of the Push Notifications that I have developed have been with Sign In Apps.

Hope someone can help you solve this issue.

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I haven’t used it much, but I assume you can only send notifications to users who have signed in and provided you an email? Is that what your flow is for now?

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Thank you. I ended up making the app with Sign in; Sadly its an extra step for my users but its the only way for IOS users to get Push Notifications, but it does work with the sign in.

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