Push Notifications on ios 16.4

Hi guys,

Hope this isn’t a stupid question - but I can’t seem to fathom how to do this.

I am SO EXCITED about push notifications now being available - and this is now working perfectly on my android devices; as well as PC and Mac.

However I can’t seem to getting it working on my iPad or iPhone - both of which are running ios 16.4.

Two issues:

  1. The request to send push notifications seems to do nothing (regardless of what OS the apps is on). Are there configuration options beyond the simple action “Request to send push notifications”?

  2. All is not lost with 1. above - as you can (on Android) simply go into Apps - choose the app - and turn notifications on. Not so simple in ios though as even though my app has been bookmarked (via Safari) to the home screen - ios still treats it as a shortcut to a web page - rather than as an app. As a consequence - my app doesn’t show in the list of available ios apps.

I am still a relative newbie to Glide so please forgive this if it is a stupid question.


I think this has always been the case. Not sure if Apple ever plans to change it.

So when you click the request to send push notifications on your iPad or iPhone, using iOS 16.4 beta, nothing happens?

Can you advise here @Robert_Petitto ?

Clicking the push notification should open the installed web app. I’ve had issues with it opening up the exact link to screen, but it at least opens up the installed app and not a webpage in safari.

I demonstrate this about halfway through the video:

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Problem seems to have come right by itself - maybe Glide has been doing some tinkering behind the scenes.

Only issue now is that 50% of the time, when clicking on the notification, you get taken to the designated page that has been set up in the push notification action; and the balance of the time you get taken to the app’s default home page. I can live with this while they are working through their teething issues.

Still amazing to have access to push notifications.

Definately need to track who has them turned on though, and only send to them, otherwise this is an expensive addition.