Push notification workaround

To whom it may concern, I used a workaround to make push notification work.
First of all I’m speaking about web push notification, second due to a limitation Apple set to iOS’s Safari, this method works only on Android phones.
What you need is a web site (one page is enough), preferably using https protocol; an account to Webpushr or Onesignal or a similar platform and a screen in your app with a button linking your website (needed to create an endpoint).
When you sign up to Webpushr or similar, you get a piece of code you have to paste in the body of your website.
Using the button in the app to open the link, the website opens and you get a popup asking authorization to send you notification, if you click yes, an endpoint to the device is created so, you can receive web push notification sent from the platform interface.
It takes longer to explain than set it up.


So, does these push notifications show up IN your glide app?

Push notifications show up as browser notification.

how did you add it to the body

Hmm. With Glide being a web app, I would think that creating a separate home web page wouldn’t be needed… I am definitely interested in the process…

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How did you the body code?


Thanks for this info. Kindly assist on how to add the code in the body of the app or the sheet and also the downloaded .zip files. How are you able to achieve.

Hi, you just need to paste the code provided by webpushr or onesignal, after the registration, in the webpage you use as endpoint then add a screen in the app with a button pointing to the link of the web page, no need to add code to the app. It’s a neat process.

Please, read the answer to @Valentine_Madzhie.

I am so lost do you maybe have a video tutorial for us please

Webpushr looks very intresting. Thanks for the hint.

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Sorry, I have no video tut at the moment.

So I tried it out. The installation is quite simple and well documented from webpushr.

You need a place where you can host two files.
You get the js file and the content for the html file from webpushr

The only problem I see at the moment (in my case) is that I don’t get the userid that webpushr creates back into my google sheet. I would send a notification to users that follows a sale point when it changes the status to open.

But if you want to send notifications to all users this is realy nice.

Could you kindly teach me how to do it

You just need a place where you can host this to files with your own domain. Then create a web pusher account and follow the instructions. In my case I created a sub domain.

So lost in the case where I am hosting the app on a sub domain how would I go about it sorry for being annoying

I thhink I managed to set up but I am getting a 404 error when I try test is

What do you mean with hosting the app? Hosting the glide app under a sub domain?

That is not what you have to do. You have to host the index.html and webpushr-sw.js under a domain or sub domain.


Yes my app is app.operationmanifestation.co.za (customized under a sub domain from the glide tutorial to get my link customized.)

In your case i would create push.operationmanifestation.co.za as a second subdomain.
Than create a web pushr account and go through the setup process with your push.operationmanifestation.co.za subdomain.