Push notification workaround

To whom it may concern, I used a workaround to make push notification work.
First of all I’m speaking about web push notification, second due to a limitation Apple set to iOS’s Safari, this method works only on Android phones.
What you need is a web site (one page is enough), preferably using https protocol; an account to Webpushr or Onesignal or a similar platform and a screen in your app with a button linking your website (needed to create an endpoint).
When you sign up to Webpushr or similar, you get a piece of code you have to paste in the body of your website.
Using the button in the app to open the link, the website opens and you get a popup asking authorization to send you notification, if you click yes, an endpoint to the device is created so, you can receive web push notification sent from the platform interface.
It takes longer to explain than set it up.