Push Notification to all users but author?

Is it possible to send push notifications to all users except for the authoring user? Not essential but curious.

Yes, create an array of all the user email ID’s, and then use “remove element” to take out the author’s email ID.

See 9 min into lesson 4, in this course on “Getting started with push notifications” if you’d like a demo!


Is this a dynamic solution? There are different users who can author a post or message. The filtering needs to be dynamic. Watching the video now…

Looks like when using remove element there’s the option of app user email. Am I seeing this correctly? This should make it dynamic, right?

I haven’t watched Matthew’s video, but I’d be 99.99% certain that it is dynamic, based on the signed in user.


That should be covered in this part.

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Yes, it’s dynamic. Taking the array of “all” the users you want to send notifications to, and remove the signed in user.

“All” in quotes because that array may be all users, or all users who opted in, or all users who are in a specific group… whatever “all” you set up that recipients array to be.