How to send an email to all accept signed-in user

I want to email a group of people to let them know that a new update (comment, post, photo etc) is visible in the app.

However, I don’t want to notify the person who has created that updated (because they created it so of course they know it’s happened!).

Any advice on how to do this?

I’ve already set up the email which goes out to all (including the creator of the update) but I’d really like to exclude them from this list.

How are you currently generating the list?
Could be umpteen different ways of excluding the creator, which is the best/easiest depends on what you’re currently doing.

Thanks Darren.

Currently I am using Relation which links all posts within a group, then Lookup to extract their emails, then Joined list to pull all the emails together to form the list which is then used in my Zap.

I don’t quite have a clear visual, but I’m thinking that you can probably replace your relation with a query column that filters to exclude the creator. Try having a play with that. If you can’t get it to work, then if you can add a screen shot or two of how this looks in the Data Editor, then I might be able to provide some more specific guidance.


That hasn’t seemed to work - it’s been successful in the sense that it hasn’t returned a value for that row.

However, what I want is a list of users that doesn’t include a specific user. I think I may have been unclear there.

Is there a way to single out a user from a list, but keep the list in tact?

It feels like an If > Then scenario in my mind but I could be wrong…

This post is close(ish) to what I’m asking: Send email to nearby users

Figured it out!

  1. Used the Replace All Plug in to remove the Post Author
  2. Used Split Text to remove the comma left behind by the author and be left with just the values of the email recipients
  3. Used joined list to create a mailing list for the email recipients
  4. Used Template to pull this list into a format suitable for Zapier.

WOO we got there in the end!

It sounds like too many steps for me, I assume you have some further steps to generate a list before the “Replace All” part. Couldn’t you just use a query with specific conditions to not include the author’s ID/email and then use a joined list?

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Lots of ways you can get it… easiest way depends on where you’re getting it from. In this case of mine, I have all the owners of the row (members of a group in which a post was posted) and I remove the user ID from that array. You can now send emails right from glide to all these recipients, without exporting to zapier.

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