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Table contains records (users) with a field with an email. An inline list is showing lines (users) based on different criteria. Once selected I would like to send an email to all of the selected - is there an elegant way to concatenate the emails into a field?

The easiest method would be to use a choice component with multi-select, which will give you a comma delimited list of selected emails.

If you would rather use the inline list, then I assume you are using a checklist style layout and setting a user specific boolean column. In that case, in addition, you will need an IF column that will return the user’s email address if the selected boolean value is true, else return nothing. Then create a joined list column that will return a comma delimited list of emails from from the selected IF column that you created above.


you can loop this script for all join lists like @Jeff_Hager said, and have a great representation of your brand…

and the plus is… users do not need to have a browser synchronized to an email service

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Jeff Thanks for the quick response, my inline list is a list of records (reports) where several employees have several entries. So if I use a “joined list” I end up with a bunch of repetitive strings. Is there a simple way to get a unique list? Manual entry would be too tedious…

You can remove duplicates from a Joined List in two steps:

  • Step 1: Use a Split Text column to turn it into an array
  • Step 2: Use the Unique Elements plugin to remove duplicates

If you need it as a joined list, then you can use one more (Joined List) column to convert it back.


Great, I am almost there, yet I can not reference the field in an email, do I need to convert this somehow? Many Thanks

I’m not sure what you mean by this. Do you mean the Compose Email action?

Yes, I have now a unique list of emails of contributors - I can include this field in the body or cc - it is not visible.
Test 1 includes the redundant emails, the other 2 are according suggestion:

When I try to reference the result (unique) it is not visible:

Yes, you just need one more Joined List column to change it back into a comma separated list.


Done, Thanks
PS: Is there a reference where the logic behind these operations is described?

All of the computed columns are covered in the Glide Library.

With some of them, it might not be immediately obvious how or when they can be used. This is something that just comes with experience. For example, for a long time I really had no idea what the point of the Single Value column was. Now I use it all the time :slight_smile:


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