How do I send a whole list of todo's?

How do I mail a whole list of todo’s via an action? I end up only sending one.

How are you building the list of Todo’s?

My initial thought would be a joined list and a mix of html somewhere in your flow, but I’d probably need some more context to say for sure.

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At the moment I have an app with persons / teams / tasks / types. So I let people add tasks on the front page where they choose team and type (to do / to ask / to decide / done). So it’s a really plain list. Ideally I would want to automatically send the whole list (without the done items) to of team-related tasks to team-members. So management only receives management related tasks, etcetera.

Note that the email notification, no matter its content, would need to be triggered by a user since time-based action triggers aren’t yet available in Glide.

That’s fine too to start with!

No ideas?

As I alluded to in my post earlier, If it was me I would create HTML for each task. I would use a template column to create HTML table rows (TR and TD tags). Then I would use a Joined List column to merge them all together, and wrap that result in html TABLE tags. Finally I would send the HTML table to the email.

If you want something simpler, then just use the Joined List column with a CRLF separator instead of a comma.

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Yeah, I need the simple version because the other is too complex for me :slight_smile: Thanks, I didn’t realise this was a complex question :slight_smile:

You can only send text to an email. The goal is to get multiple rows of values into a single ext value. A Joined List column will do that. Making it pretty is part that can get as complicated as you want it to be.

Thank you!
In this case it can be just a list of lines, so I should be able to do this with your advice.

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