Help with Getting an Estimate to user email

So I am working on an app that generates an estimate for repairs across several sections of a property (kitchen, bath, HVAC, etc.) As the user fills out the quantities (2 sinks, 4 doors, etc) the calculations are made down a column. like so

Then what i am doing is a Joined list of the loggedin users estimates across the sections and then I split the joined list totals like so.

Then on the front end, a user profile has a button which sets columns from the USC to a column on the User sheet which sends the totals to a cell on their row.

What I am then doing is creating a template column to create an email (currently markdown) that imports that array pushed to the User sheet into an email. So here is my problem…

  1. I need somewhere in this process to be able to convert the array into something more readable like a table or even well organized with line breaks between the sections but when i add
    they end up being stringed with the array and the email looks like garbage.
  2. Am I going about this the wrong way? In the end I would like a list of generated estimates viewable by admins. Because the values are all user specific, getting them over back into the user sheet as a non-USC required a workaround but that workaround produces something like this:

    instead of something like this:

Any ideas?

How are you sending those emails? I was thinking you can force the email to be in HTML mode.

That was exactly what i was trying to accomplish… at the moment the email is just sent using a send email action…

Ah if you’re using Glide’s send email action then I think you won’t have an option to force it to be HTML. I usually pass the info to Integromat/Make and test it in there.

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Hmm… ill try that… thanks

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