Passing an array into an email

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So I am working on a project where I have 2 different carts. One is for completed products and the other is for the building materials that is used to build these products.

At the top of those tables you can see a email button.

How would I go about getting these rows into an email that would be sent using the send email action.

Here is what my table looks like

Is it even possible to and an array to an email? I am guessing I would have to use the template column to create the email around the array but I have no idea how to get the array into the template column

I do not think there is any quick or straightforward way to pass an array of data into the an email for the supplier. Your two best bets would be as such:

  1. For each product in your table, create a template column or a ‘join’ column that allows each row in your table to produce this effect: Product name, color, quantity.

Once you do this for each product, go to the table where you have related the products in an array. Next to that relation column, create a join column that joins all the template columns by a " " (it can also be a line break (create by pressing enter)). What will happen is that your email body will (for 3 products), have 3 separate lines wherein each line will have the product name, color and quantity.

  1. Use any integration like docautomater or pdf monkey to quickly generate a pdf retaining your company logo and table formatting. Once the pdf document is generated, you can then create an action to pass the PDF link into the email.
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