How can I email user results from an app?

I’ve built an RV delivery checklist app. As the user proceeds with the checklist they are able to mark certain items to add to a Punch List (Fix-it List). They can view the Punch List at anytime on the app, but I cannot figure out a way to have the app email the list to themselves or to the dealer to fix the issues. Is there a way within Glide to do this or do I need to look at incorporating another tool? Any suggestions? I’m on the Basic Plan now if that matters.

I think you’ll need to upgrade to a pro account if you want native Glide emailing triggered by an action.

Otherwise you could use a service like
Zappier or Integromat to achieve that.

or… free google scripts

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@darren just released this tutorial. Might be worth a look

So I think I have several challenges to overcome here:

  1. The email addresses are masked so I don’t know if there is an option other than going to the pro version.
  2. I want the user to be able to select the ability to send the email of their list.
  3. I can filter the list to display in the Glide app, but not sure how to view the filtered list per user.
  4. I’m sure there are more challenges as well.

the script will be the best option for you… you can ask your users for real emails, or switch to PRO
here are some emailing Apps samples: