Purchase Error

Hello everyone, I did a restaurant app for testing purposes. I have everything ready and running. However, whenever I am trying to make a purchase, it is not done and it say that I should try later. Stripe is connected and running but I still do not know why the purchase is not done. Could anyone help me? Thanks!

Can you tell us more? Purchase amount? Currency? App link?

The app is in spanish. The currency is in MXN Mexican Peso, and the amount I am trying to charge is $35MX that it moreless $1.25 USD

Stripe is not great for purchases that small, and can fail around $1USD. We are looking into Stripe issue in general, but it may be too cheap.

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I see, I was just using that amount for the test, so maybe it just needs a bigger amount.

BTW, I was looking if Glide does send an email notification or anything to the user whenever a purchase has been done? I have not seen anything on settings for that. Could you kindly help me as well?

Hola Rob,
You can try adding an integration with Zapier or Integromat that watches a new row (the order) and sends an email right away.