Pros / Cons of using New Player (Beta)?

We literally just discovered the Beta checkbox in the Settings / Name & Icon panel that reads "Run App in the new player (Beta).

New Player (Beta)

Also, saw it mentioned in only 2 articles on this community forum that mention perhaps it sped up app performance. Might be wishful thinking or a placebo effect, but it does seem to be a bit quicker on one of our app’s tabs and page data loading. It visually displays “Authenticating…” and “Loading App…” on initial app load or browser refresh vs. just the spinning circular loader when NOT using the beta. Nice that you can toggle the switch to test it out. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can anyone share any more feedback on noticed benefits gained or related issues from running the Glide New Player (Beta)?

The only bug I’ve found so far is the readability on sign-in screen. If you’re using an darker image, it makes things a bit unreadable. That’s the only deal-breaker for me. Definitely is quicker.


Interesting that the Sign-in button now reads “Continue” instead of “Sign In” on the non-beta player.