Performance Issue


Over the past 24 hours I noticed that I can’t switch users (“Preview As”). Every time, I trying to preview s a different user, the screen doesn’t refresh (I see a blank app screen). Only after I refresh e whole age, I see the user I was trying to switch to.

Did anyone encounter the same issue?
Any advice?


We found some bugs in Preview As that should be fixed in the next week.



Also - I noticed that 1) images and videos are loading slowly + 2) scrolling through the app is not smooth. Are these related to the same issue?

No, you load videos directly from the video host, so if it’s slow, it’s likely your connection. Or are you storing your videos directly in Glide?


Images are stored on Glide. They load slowly.
Also scrolling through the app is not smooth.

(The videos from my host (S3) are loading fine)

Happy to report that all issues have been solved.

The preview as issue was fixed.
The images/video loading was mainly due to connection issues.

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