App Preview Not Displaying in Glide Backend

Hey, Gliders. I just created a new app, and am using an Inline List with Details View to show images of people in a directory I’ve created. But, the app preview is just all white, with no preview of how the app looks with the configurations I’ve made. No matter how many times I refresh the app, or refresh my browser page, nothing is showing up.

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Ideas to troubleshoot:

  • Check visibility conditions on the inline list.
  • In Settings, allow anyone to access the app.
  • In the builder, check “view as” (upper left in the preview pane).
  • In your user profiles table, remove row ownership.
  • Check user profiles is set up correctly.
  • Reload browser
  • Return to Glide dashboard and edit app again.

It’s so weird…it will pop up, allow me to view it, and then it disappears. I’ve never experienced this before in Glide.

How about the published app itself? Asking in case the issue stems from the builder preview but not the app in production.

I haven’t published it yet, so I’m not sure yet. So far, it’s just me in the Glide backend on a desktop Windows OS.

Can you send over a record of the problem using Loom?

Sending you a DM.

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Hi @spencerb

Can I see that video and a Support link to that app?

Here’s the Support Link for the app →

I’ll DM you the video.

I can reproduce. I have escalated it to the engineering team.

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So, you’re saying that you’re seeing the same issue I’m having on your end?

Yes, I was able to see the issue on your app and sent it to engineering.


The issue seems to have disappeared now. So, not sure what happened, but I’m no longer seeing a blank preview screen in the Glide backend.

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