Inline list Images display problem

My app’s URL:
Images are not getting displayed in the inline list as you scroll down (2nd tab from the left & equally if you click on the doctor image holding a pet). The list has 151 items

Looks fine for me.

I thought I looked at every screen in your app and I don’t see the problem above. If you would give us a breadcrumb list of how to get to this screen maybe we could verify it based on our views. The above image does not give us an idea of where it is in the app where you are having the issue.

Apologies @George_B & @Jeff_Hager. Below is a link to a video

If you are showing how the list is not complete, or does not go to the end, then…

This is just an anomaly with the Glide builder it will not happen on a phone or even in a separate tab in your browser. It only happens in the builder.


I’ve had the same thing happen, but like @George_B said, it’s just in the builder.

@mark is that something you are going to fix. I have the same problem and it is kind of annoying.

This happens when your screen is too small to show the phone preview at full resolution. Glide requires at least a 13” screen, but we will do some things to try to avoid the scaling problem.

That was be nice. I suppose that must happen to quite a few people - I’m running Full HD and this will cause problems then