Long List not Displaying Properly

My app’s URL:havj9.glideapp.io

Here’s my sheet as well: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zdvnFIDWdSnMUbQ35H0lUAVOgpNuB7hgXwQETLh6Cnk/edit?usp=sharing

Basically I have noticed when I have a large amount of data and start to scroll, the screen will just go white and will only display a few items at the very top. I’ve stopped and waited for it to load, scrolled slower, etc, still does not display on the full screen.

I’ve got a video as well here:

Yes! This happens to me too! Oddly enough I can’t replicate it at the moment, but it was just happening yesterday.

Its actually been happening to me for a few months, I just haven’t had time to report the bug. Glad I’m not crazy.

It happens all the time in my app, seems like it’s only when there a large amount of rows.


This happens if your browser is too small vertically and the app is forced to downscale. This triggers a rather unfortunate bug in the virtualization library we use which can’t account for the scaling factor and it gets out of sync with the scroll position. This bug only happens in the builder however. We are looking into some solutions to make the situation a little better.

Please be aware, your users will not see this issue.


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Good to know. Thanks, Jason.