Projects creates an application for population data collection

Hi, I want to create a project for population data collection, and it requires around >500 thousand rows of data, is it right for me to choose this enterprise package, or is the business package enough?

For data storage, do you use GLIDE TABLE?

The Business Plan is limited to 100k rows, so you’ll almost certainly need Enterprise.
And you’ll want to use Glide Big Tables, or some other high capacity data source.

Thank you for the answer, how can I get the enterprise package, I was asked to contact sales, but when I filled out the form, I was asked for the company email,I tried using my personal email but it doesn’t seem to work like the screenshot I attached

@Sean_Martin might be able to help.

how to create a support ticket?

I didn’t find contact support

Are you on a Pro, Business, Or Enterprise plan?

I’m currently on the free package, but I aim to subscribe to the enterprise package, but I’m confused about who to contact, I tried contacting sales, but I have to have a work email

I hear you. Your email domain should not be a deciding factor in determining whether or not you are allowed to inquire about spending large sums of money. Not all businesses run their own email domains. It’s actually a bit disturbing that they have no problem accepting one-off public disposal emails, but will not accept a Gmail address that’s securely tied to a single user. I have never in my life seen a case where any type of email verification like this has been 100% foolproof. I understand the point is to reduce the number of fruitless inquiries, but it also seems like a good way to push away potential customers.

@Darren_Murphy tagged @Sean_Martin above, so I guess the best you can do is wait and see if he responds to this. I don’t really have any other suggestions beyond that.


Hi all, I replied via PM