Professional apps with 2 million lines

This is my question, I will need approximately 2 million lines, that’s right, 2 million.

Is it possible ?

Thank you


First question, how on earth do you need 2 million (2’000’000) lines ?

Then, you should definitely consider have a look at this topic :


What is GCP ? Could you give me more explanations please ?

Thank you

Start to read from post 7 :slight_smile:

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

With 2MM of records (rows) you will need a real database to support that data.

What kind of system are you using currently?


It is an app for stores, which will sell products to thousands of customers. There are approximately 200 stores


Is there any plan for Glide to migrate the database to a physical one?

I believe there is an enterprise plan for ~1000/ mo that has a SQL database option as a source.

Sure @Rafael_Silva1

Take a look at it



This :point_up:t3:

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If you don’t mind 3 to 5 seconds delay… you can use multiple google spreadsheets and filter only 25k rows that you can use at the moment to Glide. I did that 150k rows… works pretty smooth