Probs Deleting a Form Entry

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If I delete a form entry on the back end (while logged into my account), the entry is removed from the spreadsheet and the value is subtracted from my progress count. But if I delete the entry on the front end via the app, nothing changes on the spreadsheet nor in my progress totals.

Hi Paige,

Any chance of being able to see the spreadsheet and the app at the same time?


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I’m not sure I follow what your question. Are you wondering if users would be able to see both at the same time or are you asking for access to both? If the latter, please let me know what email account to share the Google spreadsheet with.



I wonder if these issues are related.
Switch component data not showing up on Google sheets when it is a visibility condition

@PaigeRoane Could you describe how to reproduce that bug in your app, please? Ideally with a video.

Hey Mark & crew – Great news! In the midst of making the screen recording for y’all, I realized the bug no longer exists. Woohoo! All is well on the front and back end of my app. Whatever y’all did between the time I sent my help ticket and today, thank you!

Have a great evening!