Form fail - 3 app : 1 sheet


I have an application that has bugs with form entries.
It’s a private application, I wanted to copy it to make it anonymous so I could give a link here but by copying it, the new app has no problem anymore.

To summarize the problem:
I add a line on the Google Sheet via a Glide app. In the Glide application I see the data, but it is not written on the Gsheet and disappears from the application after the refresh.
The particularity is that there are 3 applications connected to the same google sheet. So maybe it’s one of the other applications that create the problem.
I can give the URL addresses of the apps in private.

Everything’s been working fine for several weeks. The problem’s been going on for a day or two.

What if you just duplicate the app and use the duplicated version with the same sheet?

I go test :slight_smile:

Same problem with another application and the same google sheet

Here are the 2 errors the browser seems to indicate

  • Error decoding link fragment data RangeError: byte length of Uint16Array should be a multiple of 2
  • Could not compile filter predicate [“Column E-mail not found”]

I hope I’ll be able to use my application again soon.

Everything seems to be working fine, thank you.

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