Problems With Map

Hi, I have a problem with the pins on the map. All the addresses are in Italy, but the system puts some of them in the United States … how could I solve?

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Can you share screenshot of the sheet where the locations are coming from?

J’utilise aussi le Map, et il est très très sensible à l’adresse, ajouter le pays et vérifier les adresses. Mais il arrive que même avec beaucoup de soins les points ne sont pas au bonne endroit, dans ce cas j’utilise un point GPS à la place de l’adresse

Are you using text address? Can you try converting them to coordinates?

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Yes I use a text address, I can try with coordinates. Another problem is that is very slow :cry:
In this page I have a test
In home i have “guarda le nostre installazioni” that use a custom Google maps web view… And test section with maps widget