Problems using a private template from one account to another

I have a project in one account (my personal one) that I am trying to move to another shared account (both free tier at this stage). I have followed the instructions (I think) and created a private template in one and then in the other tried to copy in glide from the button on the template. Once I hit the button all I get is the moving rectangles and nothing happens - i can’t see any error messages and the step expected after the button of specifying the team and project names does not happen. Any debugging tips or is this possibly an issue?


It’s a known issue. The workaround is to first add yourself as a member of the target team, and then copy the template into the team whilst signed in as that user.

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Hi Darren,
Maybe, do you have any update about this issue? … thanks for your support…

I don’t think we have any updates on this.

Apologies for the late reply - I was albe to achieve what I wanted following @Darren_Murphy 's advice. Thanks for the excellent and timely help!