Problem with sign in

You cannot access the app with that email. Please try with a different email.

How do I fix it?

I think this happens if the app has trouble connecting to a glide server to verify authentication. Usually it’s only temporary.

I’ve experienced it if a server is temporarily down or the connection is down somewhere between the phone and the server. Also if I’m not connected to the internet at all (obviously). I see you are connected, but try with wifi turned off and using only mobile data to see if that makes a difference.

Where are you located in the world?

I am Korean. Of course I am in Korea.

Just tried your app myself and I get the same message. I’m located in the USA. I haven’t had any sign in issues myself today. Is yours a private app? If so, is that email in the email whitelist?

I set it to “Only I can sign in”. I want to be able to log in at first, but I don’t know how to set it up.

Is that the same email that you used to create your glide account?


Is it the same result if you use the Continue button or the Google button?

You are logged in with the same email as your Glide site account, but not with a different email address.

So the Continue button and the Google button do the same thing?