Problem with custom form and user-specific column

Hello everybody!

I have an App (formerly Glide Page) with 500+ users and a database in Airtable.
Each user is invited to fullfill a profile at the first connexion.
I have a problem now when I want to analyze the profiles and count how many people belong to each part of the organization (we have 80+ local sections).

I think I made a mistake in the form when I created the drop-down menu with the 80+ local sections (they are listed in a separate table within Glide, the same way I created other drop-down menus for the form). Each member has to select their section but then it is entered in a user-specific column. I wonder if I had the choice at the time (this setting dates back from last year).

Each person can see her local section in her profile but the other ones cannot see it in the members list.

It is not possible to uncheck the box.

I tried to export the table from Glide but this column does not appear.
Of course I can see each member’s section from Glide editor with the “view like” function. But there are hundreds of profiles, I cannot check them manually.

Could anyone help me on this or is this something Glide’s team can perform? (Business Plan)

There need to be a way to access this data which is stored in a hidden column or meta-data on Glide’s server. If I cannot analyze the profiles and compute indicators in pivot tables, my client will not be able to measure the ROI of the application.

Thank you

So just to understand, when users were completing the form, the local section they selected from the choice component was being recorded in a User Specific Column and not a generic text column, thus preventing the public from seeing their section?

And youre seeing how to convert this USC to non USC?

I believe you can create a new non USC Column and simply copy and paste the entire USC into the new column.

@Joe_Gabriele I think the problem might be that there’s 500+ users, so you would have to preview as each individual user to copy all of the user specific data.

@Ivanne_Poussier A little twist on Joe’s suggestion…maybe you can add an action into you flow that would take the user specific value and use a Set Column action to write it to a non user specific column. So essentially the users would unknowingly be doing the work for you and after a few days most of the user specific data would be transferred to the new column.

On a side note, I haven’t exported data for a long time, but I thought it used to be the case that user specific data was stored in a separate table that was included in the export. Not sure if that’s the case anymore though.

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It’s still the case for data exporting. Hence, I think exporting it, then creating a new normal column and pasting things in will work well.


Hi @Joe_Gabriele,
Yes you understand well.

I was thinking about converting the current colum, I had not thought about copy/pasting it in a new columne (working too late!). Thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile:

Hi @Jeff_Hager,
Thank you for your suggestions.
As you noted, I have an issue with the legacy and my 500+ users don’t come back every day on the app.

A first step for me would be to create a new column with the right feature (knowing that this “location section” column also links to another tab allowing lookups for region + country).

A second step would be to populate the new column with the information already provided by the 500+ members, if I find a way to export it.

I will dig deeper on the export topic. The csv file I got at first was not usable and needed way too much cleaning…

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