Problem on Shiftplanning with location

I created my app and whenever i do any operation like shift wishes on it, it only records the shift and restaurant with location, but the name row is empty and i was unable to track the operation in the location tag.

please read your post… and think, that we do not know your app… how is possible to give you an answer?

It is a restaurant app created from google sheet. The app is unable to add the name to the database of my glide but only adds the location and name of restaurant but couldn’t add employee which placed the schedule.

again… there is no way to know what is the issue… please share a screen shot with your data configuration

Check out Special Values when you’re setting up your form. You should be able to select the User Email from the signed in user, as well as Screen Values from the current screen you’re on (to get the name of the restaurant you need).

the name is empty after creating a shiftwish

what is a shiftwish? your data is in Google Sheets… and is not showing in Glide?

shiftwish: is for an employee to make a schedule for themselves, then the user will be notified and then make a shiftplan for each employee based on their schedules

you can see values in Google sheets… but not in Glide?
Can you write the value into the names column from Glide?

Please check out my reply above. It links to some important documentation that should help you on the right track.

i’ve checked them, and i am trying to relate it to the app. Thank you

I can’t see the values also in google sheet, but i am trying to make the app perform the task whenever a detail is added, it should also register the name of who puts down the detail.