Problem of addressing the right line in a sheet after Template/Relation/LookUp

… 3rd analysis on going … I’m checking if problem still occurs, thank for your understanding

Hi, I’m blocked by a problem of addressing the right line in a sheet after doing Template/Relation/LookUp, here is the case.

PRODUCER sheet (1) with Rows : Producers list, …
PRODUCT sheets (1 to n) with Rows : Producer, Products list with Price, …
ORDERS sheet (1) with Rows : Email, ordered Quantity, Provider, Product, Price, …

Goal is to modify the Quantity if the User has already an order ongoing for that Product.
At this stage, I’m navigating from on “Ordering Tab” pointing to PRODUCER sheet which points to 1 of the PRODUCT sheets which points to ORDERS sheet.

To do that I did the following:

  • Create a Template “Producer, Product & Price” on PRODUCT sheets and ORDERS sheet
  • On PRODUCT sheets, make a Column Relation (Multi) X with Template match
  • ON PRODUCT sheets, make a Lookup on that X Relation with Email

On the DATA sheet I can see all Emails from Users having the same “Producer, Product & Price” item, see attachment, that is normal because each user may order (only once) the same item (of course Quantity may differ).

Now the problem is the following:
On the item details view (PRODUCT sheet) where I am, I created a Modify Button (OK Button type) to access Orders sheet with Filter “LookUp is signed-in user” in order to have this button Visible only if the LookUp contains the signed-in User. That’s seems working.
But I click on this Button, I land on all items (from signed-in user or not) of Orders sheet, and consequently if I apply a filtering with “Email = signed-in user” I get all items of the user, but never the only one I would like to modify, so it seems “Producer, Product & Price” condition has been lost/ignored !
Note that LookUp is no more accessible because I’m on Orders sheet, no more on Product sheet.
So, question seems to be : how LookUp shall be used to Link to screen the Template (“Producer, Product & Price”) to be modify by the signed-in User ?

I spend lot of time watching Glide videos, but I didn’t find the key how to combine these functions to reach the right item using the 3 conditions [PRODUCER + (PRODUCT & PRICE) + Email of signed-in user], and at the end ask the user to modify the Quantity (via EDIT and ACTION = Link to Screen : ORDERS sheet).

Thanks for your help …

Thanks Jeff, to allow the User to update the Quantity to be ordered (and other infos), I well replaced the “Modify” Button" by Inline List component with “PRODUCT > ORDERS” Relations and Action “View details”. It works now as wanted ! Merci beaucoup !

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