Problem display pictures


Have a problem.
In my data I see the pictures with lookup.
And when I am on the layout the picture disappear

Thanks for your help

You have an array of pictures I think, because you are looking up on a multirelation.

This is probably because you’re attempting to perform a lookup on a row that’s protected by row owners.

I verified is it is not that… this

Is not a row protect by row owner… thks

That i don’t understand is why I see the picture when i’am in my data, and not when i’am on the layout. And the pictures appear during 1 second when I arrived on this page…


Pour tester, je vous recommande de dupliquer votre tab (page) avant de faire des changements.

  1. Dans la collection, à droite dans l’onglet options, j’image que vous avez un filtre ? Pourriez-vous le retirer pour commencer ?

  2. Ensuite, toujours dans la collection, pourriez-vous pointer l’image vers la colonne “photo email 2” au lieu de la if-then-else “image correspondant” ?

Est-ce que cela change quelque chose pour le moment ?

What’s your setup for the column “Image correspondent”?

Hi everybody,

Sorry I found my mistake…

All information came from to the user table, and I hadn’t understand what was the objectif of user specific row.
It is for that, than when i was connected my picture correspondant could not display on the screen.

Thks for your time

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