Pro Apps Cell Phone Copy Prevention

Is there a way to prevent copying/transferring data from a cell phone’s Pro app to a file? From what I’ve researched, there appears to be many options (apps and services) which could lead to all kinds of issues.

Can you give an example of such copying?

That would mean I’d have to buy/subscribe to these services / demo and thought it would be in the best interest of Glide to research to ensure the available services could not transfer mobile data to a computer file. Big concern for proprietary corporate info. Let me know if you’d like links and I’ll send them privately.

Any data displayed on a mobile screen could at the very least be recorded via numerous screen recording apps, so no app is entirely secure. As for raw data under the covers of a browser, I have never used or seen a snooper app on a mobile device but I’m sure they exist. Highly sensitive data should use a VPN tunnel and use some kind of RSA SecureID, which I have used on PC’s but never a mobile device.

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@david future feature maybe? Thanks!