Security and size of APP

Am about to go pro for my first APP, but would like a couple of clarifications

  1. Size of APP
    Just like to know when we save the APP to our mobile phone, what is the size of the APP? I believe it is small as it is just link and we are not downloading the APP. Am I correct?

  2. Security
    I have read that communication between Google sheets and Glideapp is encrypted.
    Any other considerations that we need to do to make the APP robust? My APP will be using the email sign-in option.

Thank you.

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All my Glide apps on my device are less than 1mb.

thanks shchc…any idea on security?

Your app is https…there is nothing more you can do in terms of general front-end security. If you have anything specific on mind, then pls add a little flesh to the bone so we can get clearer picture. More generally,

  1. Just make sure the pro app is launched from different glide account to the one you use everyday for testing purposes. Secure the admin email by ensuring no one except Glide and Google know what the email address is becz the easiest way Glideapp security can be compromised is if anyone knows your Gmail password (and they know your app is powered on Glide + sheets). So create a strong password. Gmail offers additional security measures like phone confirmation, 2 factor authentication, pin etc,

  2. Protect the GSheet with additional layers of security by pin protecting access to the sheet etc, so that even if access is gained to your account, hackers would have to smash the GSheet Pin to steal private data

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Thanks Wiz.

  1. it means that I make the APP copyable and then copy to new account with new gmail?

  2. ok. i will add pin on GSheet, but how will this complicate the connection between Gsheet and Glideapp? Is there a link to video that explains the steps?

Much appreciated your reply.

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Q1. Yes
Q2. Nothing gets complicated. Everything works in perfect sync. The sheet password/pin for your peace of mind. Glide will still be able to read and feed everything from your sheet. I don’t know of any video steps sorry. But type protect google sheet into your browser and you will see hundreds of you tube videos trying to catch your attention. Just watch any.


I had tested with protected sheets so basically, if someone manages to access the sheets, they can see, copy or download the contents but will not be able to edit the protected sheets.

I guess that is currently best security available.

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