DIsable Screenshots of app - Security

I am creating an app for a training company who is concerned about their IPR being copied through screenshots of the app data.
Is there anyway to disable to disable the taking of screenshots of an app ?
Similar to what is done in banking apps ?

Many Thanks

I don’t think there is one option right now for this. I don’t think there are any perfect solutions either, when you get access to data then there’s always a way to copy it.

Thankyou for taking the time to respond.
I will raise a feature request as I think it is important

Thanks again


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I’d venture to suggest that this is an unsolvable problem.
As @ThinhDinh points out, once a user has access to your data, there will always be a way to copy it.
Even if the Glide team could figure out a way to disable the taking of screenshots, there would still be nothing stopping a user taking a photo of the screen using another device.
Where there is a will, there is almost always a way.


I agree with Darren. This is completely impossible. Devices don’t have a protocol in which users cannot screenshot things. And even if they couldn’t screenshot things, what would stop them from taking a picture of their screen with a phone? Nothing.


The only real and legally binding solution is Non Disclosure Agreements and training.


Guys really appreciate the feedback and totally understand that it is never possible to stop people copying if they really want to.
Totally agree that process and NDA’s are a major part of the security model.
I just wondered if it was possible to enforce a security policy to stop the screenshots in a similar way to the banks, accepting that it can always be worked around, via recording technologies etc

Thanks again for all the feedback.



Nope, sadly not possible at the moment.