Disable copy paste text in-app


I am building an e-learning platform for one of my clients, and they would like to disable the option for students to select and copy the content inside of the units.

I have researched and it is possible to do this adding some JS / CSS, would like to know if anyone has tried doing this in Glide to guide me!

Thank you!


It’s really easy to copy content simply by taking a screenshot and using an OCR reader. I can do it in a matter of seconds with just my phone because it’s a built in feature. Plus, people can simple inspect the page code and grab content that way. I think for every effort you put in to prevent a user from copying text, they will easily find a way around it. If it’s visible on the screen, they already have it. The only way to prevent anything is to not allow them access in the first place. I feel like it would be a waste of time to even try in my opinion.