Allow Text Selection/Highlighting

Many of my apps are lookup tools. It would be extremely helpful to be able to select/highlight and copy text from the different text/email components in an app.

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I’m not sure why this is a limitation, but I’m sure there is a technical reason. As an alternative, you can create a button and set the action to “Copy to Clipboard”. Then point it to the column that contains the text you want to copy. Not my favorite, but it’s an option.

Thanks for the tip…not my favorite either, though. The point of the component isn’t to copy the text, so a button would be unpleasant both aesthetically and functionally. Not sure why long pressing on text in an app doesn’t generate the context menu for copy, etc.

Not ideal either, but I made the pages editable for the user, in the edit mode you can copy.

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Hey @Robert_Petitto, Did you ever create a feature request for this?

I am also curious if there is a reason that the selection of text is OFF in general.

I want to copy some information someone has shared on a comment, ie their email address, but that is something I need to look at and type in elsewhere, because I can’t select and copy the text from comments.

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I never did—if you create it, I’ll vote for it!

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Created the request here: