Button or action to take a screenshot?

Is there an action to a UX button in Glide (or some other trick) to make a screenshot of an app (on purpose, with permission)?.

The use case - an agent is looking on video at a user doing a corona test and they need to take photos at key moments ((screenshots of the video)).

Is this possible - or a manual process only?


do you know the solution to my post, if so reply under it pls.

Hey Mark !

I’m 99% that this is not possible. I think that website can’t act as a native act and wether detect or act a screenshot which is strictly enforced and we can all understand.

By the way I wonder how Snapchat manages to enforce such things natively…

This is a setting in the window object for native apps. My Chase Bank app disabled taking screenshots too.

Facebook Dating also disables screenshots - or so I’m told :wink:

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